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littlechrispy asked: Why haven't you been using the yellow headlights


They are fog lights. Its rarely foggy here.

Police here don’t like them so I’d never use them driving on the street unless its raining a lot or if I was in a snowy environment. I don’t know about nice, but they give the car a very 80s-90s European look 

littlechrispy asked: Why haven't you been using the yellow headlights

They are fog lights. Its rarely foggy here.

Factory stereo back in now

Digi pane swap today so cool



Went and checked out a GX81-CEPQF today, pre face H1, 1G-G TC24 with G dif. Rare car and was super original with half covers and tones of options, i took some floor mats and a digi pane along with some other cool bits i needed.

New $800 daily. E-GX81-ATPQK. (Facelift Hardtop)  Working sunroof with no rust. Optional Pioneer Stereo with 6CD Boot stacker. 1G-FE. Armrest with electric lumbar and sable interior. 

Flares are a bit big, Need to sort it all out soon

*Keeps a closer eye on the comments on Miley’s fb*

*Keeps a closer eye on the comments on Miley’s fb*

romantically-hapless asked: Write 10 facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favourite followers. (hopefully you don't mind this sort of thing)








  1. I made out with a stranger at the Melbourne Airport in Australia. I walked up to her, complimented her, and didn’t expect much else but based on her body language, I decided to lean in. She did too. It was quite the memorable experience.
  2. The first time I ever saw a Desert Eagle .50 pistol was at a bar in Japan… a country where firearm ownership is illegal. An older, tattooed, gentleman asked me how much I knew about guns, then he just placed it on the bar like it was a pack of cigarettes.
  3. I went to prom with a girl but I had a crush on her younger sister all throughout high school. I never got a chance to tell her because she died shortly after we graduated high school.
  4. My father taught me how to drive MT in an E36 M3.
  5. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this by now, but I was in the Marine Corps for eight years. I do not miss it, but I appreciate the experience and the opportunity to accomplish so much. I have an immense love and respect for the Marine Corps, even if I don’t share the same love and respect for America.
  6. I didn’t know how to cook until early 2013. With the help of YouTube videos, my grandmother, and other women who were kind enough to teach me a thing or two, I figured it out. I’m no master chef, but I can prepare a meal. Grilling doesn’t count. I’ve known how to grill since I was old enough to use the grill unattended.
  7. I recently quit smoking and I’m doing very well. It has been difficult since I smoked roughly a pack/day (average) for almost a decade.
  8. I know every word to this song and can sing the bass part. It’s not a particularly difficult song, but it’s beautiful.
  9. I’ve been in more fights than I would care to ever admit. I’m not proud of this. I grew up with a bit of a short temper and formal training. By the time I was 21, and in the military, I mellowed out. In fact, confrontation upsets me. (Sidenote: anytime I meet someone in the military who puts on a front like they want to fight, I immediately know that they wouldn’t do a damn thing).
  10. The fastest car I’ve ever driven is a Lamborghini Diablo.

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1. I’ve only been in one fight so far and that was in middle school. Never been much of a confrontational person.
2. I learned how to drive and got my drivers license when I was twenty.
3. I didn’t go to prom or any of the other school dances throughout my school years.
4. My first car was a 2002 Mustang GT, five speed. I couldn’t keep up with the payments and it got repossessed.
5. The fastest I’ve ever driven was 130mph racing against a G35.
6. I am the only one in my family that lives in Texas. Everyone else resides either in Kansas City or in Mexico.
7. I moved to Mexico as a child and attended the third grade and failed it twice because I couldn’t read or write in Spanish.
8. In fifth grade I won student of the year 😎.
9. I did coke once thinking I was going to party my ass off but instead I ended up playing call of duty six hours straight from 2am till 8am.
10. I am thirty years old, engaged, with no kids.👍

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we chainin’ this shit? fine den

  1. I was 21 when I started driving
  2. I used to play DDR competitively, then I realized I was pretty bad at it.
  3. My father’s father had a colourful career as a poet and publisher.  I never met him.
  4. I only ever tried psychedelics after my parents recommended them.
  5. I play about 17 different instruments, but gave up music as a career after failing out of Music Theory III
  6. My hair used to go down to my ass in ringlets.  Seven years that shit grew wild and free.
  7. I dropped out of high school at 17 to start college because I thought it was bullshit I had to stay there another year for the one remaining credit I needed for a diploma.  That’s probably my biggest regret in life thus far.
  8. I spent over $1000 (including airfare) on a date once.  Didn’t really pan out but it was worth it as an experience.
  9. I’ve driven from Oregon to Texas twice in the last year, and will drive from Texas to Oregon twice before the year is over.
  10. My teeth are super fucked up and legit cause me more anxiety than anything else in my life.

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  1. my names Karen
  2. This is the first time im doing this even though alotta u guys call me out ((sorry, is for ol’Charlies sake hehe )) 
  3. Coolest car i ever driven was a CRX <3 and owned an eclipse. they are cool man.
  4. 10 facts about me is hard for me to think of.
  5. Vietnamese was my first language throughout my kid years before kindergarden, still fluent, and speak enrgrish really Good.
  6. I’m the only one in my family with a dimple (only 1 dimple. on my right cheek C:) and the story of how i got it is too long but super coool.
  7. Fishing is the ultimate G spot fo meee. i love fishing. It’s just so relaxing and fun c:
  8. I gave myself a small dime sized tattoo when i was stoned and 16. i dont regret it :D 
  9. I was chosen to put my face inside the 2010 National Year Books by my gym teacher for being most athletic/showing sportsmanship through my 1 and a half years stay in high shcool. Shout out to Coach Kelly! 
  10.  *10mins latah* Idk. I’m sad.

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Sorry I’m late on this. Was playing destiny until pretty late last night/this morning 1. I ran track in high school and kind of my freshman year of college. Didn’t think I was good enough to do sports in college. 2. I love seafood (c’mon look at me I’m an islander. We’re surrounded by it) (okay yeah so? What if I was born in Chino and never been to Guam or Saipan) 3. I get dark af in during summer if you leave me out long enough 4. I procrastinate a lot which is a baaaaaaad habit (waited until the next day to do this) 5. Booty 6. I hate math but loved it back then when it all made sense 7. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Except I know I want a studio style home with a well size garage and to make enough money to live comfortably and still put some money into my car 8. I spent my 17th birthday in Times Square with a cousin I just met that day. Was over there in the first place cuz I got recruited for the Naval Academy’s track team and was checking out the school 9. I get bored easily so there always has to be something new 10. I get scared af but love scary movies Idk if you’ve already done this but feel free if you haven’t
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1. 99% of people pronounce my name wrong 2. its pronounced (eye-an) not (e-an) 3. im 20 and already engaged to the same woman for 5years(in october) 4. currently trying to go to college 5. Grandma’s Boy is my fav movie 6. still dont understand half the shit on this website 7. Lastnight i found out ive been driving the honda with 1 functional brake since ive bought it 8. ive drift the honda when it rains cuz jdmyo 9. ill def eat bbq 2 days in a row 10. Dark Souls is life
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1. I’ve been in the marine corps for three years. 2. I speak russian 3. I daily drive a 1986 Toyota Cressida, and also own a nissan 240sx and a v8 swapped first gen RX7. 4. when I was a freshmen in highschool I won a Gears of War tournament. 5. I drove in my first auto cross race 2 days after I got my drivers license. 6. I broke my jaw skateboarding when I was a kid. 7. I’ve been stabbed and I have had a gun pointed at my head. 8. I have 6 tattoos and already have plans for full sleeves and an entire back piece. 9. I think I’m good at drifting but I’m not. I’m really not XD 10. I’m 21 and still have no idea what I want to do with my life.
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I’m only doing this because it says “10 favourite followers” which I’m quite proud of being called.  1: I’ve only ever owned 1 car in my life. 2: I despise Knock off parts and more importantly theft. 3: I’m half polish and English wasn’t my first language 4: I live an extremely good life and literally have everything to be grateful for ( I won’t play it down and say I have a “nice” life,I literally have everything I need and could want) 5: Before Geology, I wanted to design cars for a living. I’d like to think I was quite good at drawing, but creatively I don’t think I could have given my life to it. 6: I went to boarding school for 9 years. 7: I had a categorical knowledge of trucks and passion for trucks before cars until I realized you can’t drive one without actually being at work. :8 if your car comes up on my dash and I don’t Reblog it or click the like button, It’s because I genuinely am trying to practice the act of either positively acknowledging something I like, or politely not commenting on something that doesn’t fit my taste. Doing this rather than being a massive keyboard warrior with all the supposed knowledge in the world is a far better option in my opinion, I may relapse from time to time, but I try. :9 i’m 20 :10. I’m gay, (possibly the least known fact) and to my followers, if this bothers you to the point where you feel you should send me a message. I implore you to unfollow me immediately. at-4am yunosurodosuta rangerstyle vaginatickler stabbinginfants oracioh beautifulrun

Dropped my car off today to get guards done in a similar fashion. Can’t wait to see it !

Anonymous asked: are you going to permanently have the longnose on or just on and off?

It takes 2 people to lift the bonnet on which gives a hint as to the periods for how long it may have to stay on. Ideally i’d like it to be on permanently / when I prefer it over normal front however I think a second car is on the way. 

Sorry for the spam, Alpha took some photos, some really good ones that i couldn’t not share

My Friend&#8217;s GX61 Sedan, this is 1 of 1 in this specification. 5 Speed, TC24, 84 in Burnished Light Beige. Beautiful 

My Friend’s GX61 Sedan, this is 1 of 1 in this specification. 5 Speed, TC24, 84 in Burnished Light Beige. Beautiful